Companies in difficulty / Criminal law in business / Crisis litigation

The approach of the Firm's founders is to create a long-standing relationship with corporate directors, based on confidence and discretion.

We assist directors and companies during crisis periods, such as in particular when a company is no longer solvent and when a director's criminal liability is committed.

End of a company's solvency

In the framework of employment safeguard, receivership and judicial liquidation procedures, we assist, represent and advise directors and shareholders in their relations with both jurisdictions and procedure organs.

We support directors in procedures concerning the company's financial difficulties:

  • Prevention of the company's difficulties, corporate restructuring;
  • Defence in collecting complex receivables, enforcement procedures and sureties' exercise;
  • Safeguard, receivership and judicial liquidation procedures;
  • Preparing and structuring continuity or transfer plans;
  • Extension of the procedure to the director, personal bankruptcy, obligations for corporate debts.

Company director's criminal liability

We also assist company directors when their criminal liability is committed, in particular in criminal law for companies, labour and companies in difficulty.

The Firm's lawyers have a pragmatic approach to conflicts. They use their experience in order to optimise the director's defence with the objective of anticipating and restricting exposure to risks and costs of proceedings.

Crisis litigation

With in-depth experience of transversal litigation, our litigation team is capable of dealing with complicated conflicts that may arise due to a company's activity and which require urgent action in proportion with the stakes.