Business Litigation

In addition to specific skills in crisis litigation, we also have a significant litigation activity in all of the main fields which the Firm deals with.

Our litigation approach is firstly the one required by the latent or established conflict. We invest ourselves in defining our clients' objective, the strategy and legal, judicial and technical operations required to reach this target, within a controlled budget.

Corporate law and disputes between shareholders

The Firm has specific competence in disputes between shareholders and companies. We have acquired solid experience of these conflictual contexts and of settling disputes such as:

  • Dismissal of directors and management organs;
  • Exclusion of partners and shareholders;
  • Disputes between shareholders and obstructing corporate organs;
  • Joint representation of partners or shareholders;
  • Directors' liability;
  • Litigation relating to shareholders' and investment agreements;
  • Post-acquisition litigation, including in particular the exercise of assets and liabilities warranties and agreements on deferred payment of transfer prices;
  • Litigation relating to future settlement of investment operations.

Commercial Law

The Firm is accustomed to taking action in general and specific commercial litigation, such as, in particular:

  • Commercial contract litigation;
  • Litigation for collecting complex accounts receivable via exercising or setting up sureties;
  • Collection of litigious receivables portfolio;
  • Agreements on litigious receivables transfers;
  • General commercial litigation.

Labour Law

Assistance and representation for individual and joint labour disputes.