Labour Law

The LIGNER & ROCHELET Firm proposes services for individual and collective working relations.

We assist directors and employees in the framework of their individual relations and offer consulting services and assistance to companies for collective personnel management.

In these matters, we believe it is important to take account of the company's specific social, financial and structural issues in order to optimise human resources' management.

In this framework, the Firm proposes the following services:

Individual relationships

  • Advice on employment contracts and the social status of corporate mandate holders;
  • Negotiating and drafting employment contracts;
  • Negotiating and drafting deeds which modify individual employment contracts;
  • Advice and assistance for modifying employment contract performance conditions;
  • Setting up and monitoring disciplinary procedures;
  • Dismissal procedures;
  • Negotiated termination of employment contracts;
  • Retirement.

Collective relationships

  • Staff incentive schemes, in particular stock option plans;
  • Drafting corporate agreements and the employer's decisions;
  • Mass redundancies;
  • Organisation and election of staff representation organs.

Labour litigation

  • Individual litigation;
  • Collective litigation;
  • Social Security litigation.