Our Values

The culture of the LIGNER & ROCHELET Firm is based an approach to files which is technical, efficient, creative and reactive.


The LIGNER & ROCHELET Firm is made up of experienced lawyers who master both the legal environment of the subjects they deal with and also appropriate the professional activity sector of our clients. Before any intervention, the lawyers charged with the file believe it is important to consider the client's activity sector, culture and history.


The LIGNER & ROCHELET Firm addresses files with the creation of added value in mind. Assisting a client, whether this is for consulting services or during litigation, means that we assist him in a process of added value creation.


The LIGNER & ROCHELET Firm examines the various technical and legal aspects of the issues at stake in order to decide on the best approach.  Multi-discipline involvement is a rule. Rare are the files which can be examined through the prism of a single speciality. For each file, the Firm has the obligation of collecting opinions from several lawyers who are skilled in different fields, so that the approach we propose has the highest level of efficiency.


The LIGNER & ROCHELET Firm is based on a human and material organisation which is efficient and accomplished. The Firm uses a methodology implemented by major legal consulting firms. This organisation means we can provide our clients with the reactivity and availability required to meet their requests and to adapt to the rhythm of their businesses.